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MegèveMegève - Megève valley from "Rochebrune" to the "Mont-Blanc"

Megève valley from "Rochebrune" to the "Mont-Blanc"
The shooting took place on the terrace of the first floor of the restaurant "Le Super Megève", located in Rochebrune, 1754 meters above sea level.       The panorama extends 172° from left to right, from Torraz (1930 meters) to the Aiguille Croche (2487 ​​meters). You can discover the village of Megève, the "Aiguille du Midi", the "Mont Blanc" ...
Photos: 2321
Focal: 500 mm
Speed: 1/2000 sec
Aperture: f11
Iso: 500
  Final Image:
FoV: 172° x 64°
Width: 217452 Pxl
Height: 76846 Pxl
Pixels: 16 710 316 392